What Is A PPA?

A PPA is a Power Purchase Agreement or, as it is sometimes called in the industry, a Purchase Power Option. It is a long term contract that is used to purchase clean energy at a pre-set rate. Commercial and municipal organizations can take advantage of utility cost savings from using solar electricity in Massachusetts with Alternate Power & Energy.

There are many long term advantages associated with using a solar power purchase agreement. Many businesses and municipalities are just beginning to look at the big picture with regard to using renewable energy options to their advantage.

Alternate Power & Energy (AP&E) offers business owners and municipalities electric utility cost savings and the ability to own a solar photovoltaic system for absolutely zero out-of-pocket costs through the use of a Power Purchase Agreement.

How It Works

When an organization signs a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Alternate Power & Energy, they enter into a financial agreement. AP&E leases the roof or ground space directly from the business or organization. We own and maintain the system and then sell the solar electricity in Massachusetts back to the organization at a reduce rate.

The Purchase Power Option agreements available through Alternate Power & Energy are typically 20-years in length. However, shorter term savings opportunities are available and may be offered for some systems.

A PPA can be a very effective option for commercial business owners and municipalities, especially if the organization wants to avoid a big up-front expense for purchasing and installing the equipment. To find out more about the solar power purchase agreement and alternate power and energy options available at AP&E, give us a call at 508-525-3013 or use our online contact form.


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