Solar Electricity in Massachusetts: How Much Can You Save?

Solar Electricity in Massachusetts: How Much Can You Save?

article-savingsThanks to all of the advances that have been made with solar electricity in Massachusetts, businesses all throughout the state can now take advantage of deals available through solar financing companies. Depending on the type of project that you agree to, you might not see any actual savings until months and months down the line. However, if you decide to work with the Energy Sales Division at Alternate Power & Energy (AP&E) in Fall River, MA, you could start seeing savings right away, as soon as the solar energy system is operational.

AP&E offers local businesses and municipalities a chance to take advantage of utility cost savings in Westport, New Bedford, Dartmouth and all throughout the state, through a program known as a Solar PPA. PPA stands for “Power Purchase Agreement” and what this contract does is put the power of solar energy in the hands of organizations who otherwise might not have been able to come up with the capital to do it on their own. Imagine having clean electricity at a low and predictable rate without having to invest a single dime up front.

A Revolutionary Way of Going Green

Solar financing companies, like AP&E, are making it possible for people to lower their carbon footprint and realize true energy savings in a whole new way. When you work with the experts in the Energy Sales Division at AP&E, you gain years of experience working with solar electricity in Massachusetts that can help you take advantage of renewable energy like never before. Not only will you get more affordable monthly utility bills, but you will also get a guaranteed pre-determined rate for future electricity costs throughout the term of your contract.

Your financial savings will also increase over time as utility rates for “brown” electricity from fossil fuels continues to increase. Throughout the years, utility costs have been steadily rising, especially for commercial businesses and municipalities who use a lot more energy on a daily basis than residential customers. With a Solar PPA, you can lock in lower electricity rates from a clean, renewable energy source for the entire term of your contract with AP&E.

Quality Service: At No Cost to You

When you have a Solar PPA with the Energy Sales Division of AP&E, you also get a full service package that includes design, installation, maintenance and servicing throughout the term of your contract. Our team will monitor the performance of your solar energy system to make sure that it is working properly. We will make repairs or adjustments throughout your Power Purchase Agreement to ensure that you are achieving the best possible utility cost savings in Westport or wherever your organization is located in Massachusetts.

If any problems do happen during your contract, our team of experts will make sure that everything is taken care of and will get everything back and working online. This will make sure that you are maximizing the potential for using clean, renewable solar electricity in Massachusetts. We own all of the equipment and will take care of all of the repairs at absolutely no added cost to you. Make sure to speak with one of our agents in the Energy Sales Division about all of the services available throughout your Solar PPA.

Learn More About Solar PPA

When you work with solar financing companies like AP&E, make sure to ask questions and learn all you can about how a Solar PPA works so you will know what to expect. There are many advantages to taking steps to use solar electricity in Massachusetts. The agents in the Energy Sales Division at AP&E can explain them all to you so you will understand how it works and what it takes to realize the best possible utility cost savings in Westport, New Bedford, Fall River and other cities throughout the state.

To get started on the path to clean, green, renewable electricity for your commercial business or municipality, contact Alternate Power & Energy’s Energy Sales Division by calling 508-525-3013.

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