Reduce Utility Bills

Studies reveal that electricity rates have risen in the past decade by over 70 percent. As a result, municipal and commercial solar financing through a Power Purchase Agreement with Alternate Power & Energy can be a huge advantage to organizations across the board. By taking advantage of the solar energy industry through PPA contracts, are able to reduce their carbon footprint considerably.

Studies show that approximately 175,000 pounds of CO2 can be reduced each year for every 100kW of DC solar power that is installed in the United States. That’s a big deal for organizations that are looking to gain utility cost savings through PPA contracts and it’s a big deal for the environment on a global scale.

Compared to fossil fuels and other energy sources, the solar energy industry is a clean and renewable source. One of the reasons why commercial and municipal solar financing has become so popular is that it enables organizations to free themselves from dependency upon foreign oil while helping them to realize utility cost savings.

Protect Your Business from Rising Utility Costs

Another huge advantage to locking into a PPA with Alternate Power & Energy is that you gain protection from rising utility costs. Commercial solar financing allows businesses to have a much more predictable budget with the utility cost savings available through the solar energy industry. Experts have estimated that electricity costs will continue to climb due to the global demand, as well as increased regulations.

It pays to lock in a low rate with commercial and municipal solar financing with a PPA through Alternate Power & Energy for visible utility cost savings in Massachusetts. The pre-determined rate that is set in your Power Purchase Agreement will protect you from rising energy costs in the future.

In addition to utility cost savings, organizations that partner with the solar energy industry with a PPA through AP&E will experience no overhead costs for operation, installation, maintenance and other related expenses. This opportunity to purchase the energy that is produced results in lower energy costs, access to clean, renewable energy and the chance to lower your organization’s carbon footprint. To learn more about utility cost savings or to speak with one of our consultants about a municipal or commercial solar financing PPA, contact Alternate Power & Energy by calling 508-525-3013 or use our online contact form.

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