Benefits Of A PPA

Organizations that partner with Alternate Power & Energy for a Purchase Purchase Agreement or PPA, can use this opportunity to their advantage in a number of ways. A PPA can be used by businesses and municipalities to lower utility costs and monetize their assets in a whole new way, turning parking lots, roofs and remote properties into a source of renewable energy development.

In addition, there are other revenue options that can benefit an organization for the entire life of the solar power purchase agreement contract. Getting a municipal or commercial PPA in Massachusetts is the most popular way to “go solar” in America today.

When commercial and municipal organizations get involved in a PPA with solar financing companies, they will realize immediate benefits from the agreement in the form of lower utility bills. This is possible through the use of clean solar electricity, as purchased from Alternate Power & Energy that is below the “grid” rate for utilities.

Financial Advantages

One of the biggest financial advantages associated with having a Power Purchase Agreement with a reliable company like AP&E, is that the provider absorbs all of the costs associated with the design and construction, as well as all of the ongoing maintenance and operations.

There are absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses for the organization in a commercial or municipal PPA in Massachusetts. You get all of the advantage without having to invest any of the start-up cost.

Alternate Power & Energy remains responsible for the maintenance and operations of the system for the duration of the agreement and at the end of the Power Purchase Agreement term, AP&E can turn the system over to the organization at no cost. To find out how you can get a municipal or commercial PPA in Massachusetts, contact AP&E by calling 508-525-3013 or by using our online contact form.

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